10 Carpet Cleaning Facts You Need To Know

Carpet steam cleaning serviceAn artisan carpet is every homeowner’s fancy. Beautifully designed and intricately detailed carpets have the magic ability to instantly transform any space into a plush, luxurious den. Carpets also bestow a homely, serene feeling on people always on the run and busy with their bustling lives.

However, with a cozy, comely carpet, comes the hassle of cleaning it. Carpets are usually made of very absorbent material, and can easily trap dirt, dust, and other stuff that’s spilled on it. If you too need to get your carpets cleaned and want perfect results, you must know some carpet cleaning facts.

Below, we have listed the top ten carpet cleaning facts every carpet connoisseur should know.

  1. Use a vacuum: Carpets collect a lot of dust and dirt that is best removed with a vacuum. Don’t use water at this stage as dirt can easily turn into mud after getting combined with water. Mud being heavy, is hard to remove. Hence, pre-vacuum is essential.
  2. Use special cleaning solutions: Post-vacuuming, remove regular stains during routine cleaning. A special stain removal process may be imperative for peculiar stains with dyes, tannins, or acids as they’re hard to get rid of with usual methods. Unfortunately, some marks on the carpet cannot be erased regardless of the cleaning agent used.
  3. Use acid-based cleaning products: An acidic solution should be applied during the cleaning process as it helps balance the alkaline nature of the cleaning mediums and stave off the stains faster.
  4. Choose the right carpet cleaning service: There are differences among carpet cleaning services. The efficiency of a cleaning service depends on the technician’s skills, the amount of time required, the chemicals used, and the tools and equipment employed. Make an informed choice only after considering all these factors.
  5. Check for credentials: The carpet cleaning industry is unregulated. The main training and accreditation authority for the carpet cleaning industry, the International Institute for Cleaning and Restoration Certification, certifies businesses. Check if your chosen low moisture carpet cleaning services have the requited accreditation.
  6. Use scented fresheners and fabric cleaners: Wool carpets naturally contain sulfur, which, when wet, releases a gas that gives off the “wet-dog” smell while washing them. This happens naturally and goes away as the carpet dries. You can try using a scented freshener or fabric cleaner to contain the smell while it naturally dissolves on its own.
  7. Use a carpet protector: The stain protector your carpet cleaner or the carpet manufacturer applied does not come off during carpet cleaning. The primary cause of the deterioration of stain prevention coatings is damage to the carpet. To retain stain protection, it is ideal to have a carpet protector put on the most affected areas of the carpet before the stain protector expires.
  8. Perform after-cleaning care: After cleaning, adequately care for your carpets to promote speedy drying and uniform pile orientation.
  9. Check for guarantees: Legally, cleaners are expected to guarantee their job. Contact the cleaning company if you’re dissatisfied with their services and they should come back and clean the carpet again at no additional cost. Call the Office of Fair Trading or the equivalent in your state if your carpet cleaner refuses to do so. Ideally, it’s best to check for guarantees and such before you book a cleaning service for your carpet cleaning needs. 
  10. Carpet cleaning isn’t just a one-time job: Compared to rarely cleaned carpets, routinely cleaned and maintained carpets look better and last longer. Cleaning aids in getting rid of the abrasive dirt pile that causes the fibers of your carpet to break down over time.

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