Odor And Stain Removal

Professional odor removal companiesDid you know that Fredericksburg, VA has one of the state's top-ranked odor and stain removal companies? Well, we can't say we are the best; we are good stain removal experts at Apogee. Our owner knew that we had the skill and expertise to handle various stains and that it was time to expand our operations.


It all starts with our expertise in the carpet department. Our experts train for months to understand how to best clean carpets, and with that fibre knowledge, we can provide the same thinking knowledge base to our stain removal services. We like to think about stain and odor removal as a concentrated carpet cleaning, which is precisely what it is.


In most cases, our carpet cleaning service can lift and remove stains, even stubborn ones. With our powerful mineral-based cleaner, we see around 90 per cent of stains lifted without even going over the spot again. However, some stains are a little more stubborn. We also provide pet odor and stain removal services, but those are a little different than these.


Our exact method of stain removal will depend on a few variables:


  1. Origin of the stain

We are not only talking about the stain's location but rather what it is from. Are we dealing with a coffee, chocolate, wine stain, or something else? This information will allow us to find a combination of cleaners and stain removals that can work with the specific thing. For instance, if we are dealing with coffee, we approach this stain differently than a chocolate stain.

  1. How long has the stain been in place?

This is one of the most critical questions we need answers to regarding odor and stain removal. Depending on the origin and the length of time the stain has been in place, it might be a challenging removal service. For instance, specific spills left for months or years on end may have penetrated the fibre and permanently changed the color of the fibre.


  1. Other things done to the stain

Sometimes in our panic, we do some weird things to take care of a stain. Whether that is dotting with a towel, tossing baking soda on it or even hot water. We need to know exactly what you did to the stain to get a better idea on what we are looking at in terms of work ahead of us.


Although Apogee is excellent at stain removal, we should note that we cannot guarantee our odor and stain removal service. The reason for this is simple; if the stain is too far beyond, we cannot remove the stain without causing damage to the carpet itself.


Although we have seen it all, we should discuss a couple of things regarding DIY or other misconceptions about stain removal services.


  1. Off-the-shelf stain removers

There is a host of off-the-shelf stain removers that you can buy from your local hardware store. However, we should note that not all these stain removals are made equally and may not react well on your carpet. We always suggest calling an expert instead of trying to remove the stain on your own, as the remover you choose may bleach or damage the carpet beyond repair.


  1. Do not use baking soda

Every time we see a life hack video on TikTok or Instagram about stain removal and we see baking soda, a tiny part of us dies. Baking soda does a lot of things, but with carpets, it bonds to the backing and carpet fibres, making it very hard to remove. Long story short, baking soda does more damage than good.


  1. Use hot waterOdor removal Fredericksburg

We have heard this one a lot, and we can tell you that you should never use hot water to deal with a stain. In fact, hot water on carpet or upholstery can help set a color in, especially if you are dealing with wine, blood, or darker spills.


  1. Rent a carpet cleaner

Rental carpet cleaners are a great idea in theory, but in practicality, it is never a great idea. The reason for this is simple, rental carpet cleaning machines do not pack the punch that Apogee's cleaning services pack and can make the stain worse or, in the worst case, leave excess water in your upholstery or carpet. Instead of renting, call the experts at Apogee.


So, if you are looking for odor or stain removal services, now is the time to call the experts at Apogee Carpet Cleaning. From a wine stain to a blood stain and anything in between, the team at Apogee has you covered in and around Fredericksburg, VA.