Pet Stain Removal Services in Fredericksburg

Pet Stain Removal ServicesOur family at Apogee Carpet Cleaning knows that life is better when you have pets, but we also know how quickly they can make a mess of your flooring. Whether you have a new puppy, a territory-marking kitty, or any other four-legged furry friend, they don't always mix well with carpeted floors. Our team offers a high-quality pet stain and pet odor removal service that will almost make you forget how naughty your precious pets can be.


When you have pet urine soaked into your carpets, it is important to do more than simply pat it down with some paper towels. While this may temporarily solve your problems at the moment, it may come back to haunt you as time goes on. Pet urine is infamous for genuinely getting into the deepest part of carpets and rugs. Especially if we are dealing with cat urine, it should be no surprise that pet urine can be more than a little stinky, especially as it dries into the layers of your flooring. Our team is well-trained in the best pet stain and odor removal services, and we promise to come prepared with more than paper towels and some spray-on floral air fresheners that never really work.


Pet Stain Removal Services in FredericksburgAs you might expect, our team at Apogee Carpet Cleaning is well-versed in the details and techniques required for a successful pet odor removal service. With so many homes owning at least one furry little friend these days, cleaning carpets after little accidents is almost like our bread and butter. Since many individuals on our team also own pets, we know there is nothing worse than guests to your home smelling that you have a cat or dog before actually being greeted by your furry companion. Carpets are notorious for holding on to odors, allowing the most putrid of smells to permeate your entire home. But, before you rip out all your cozy carpeting or limit poor man's best friend to the basement or yard, you should try Apogee Carpet Cleaning's pet odor removal service.


Our pet odor removal service never uses harsh fragrances or harmful chemicals. After treatment, we guarantee that your home's carpets will not only smell fresh and clean but also be perfectly safe for your pets and family to crawl around on. Friends and family will not be left questioning your cleaning practices or gagging on overly processed fragrances when our team is finished; they might never know your four-legged friend, or we were ever on the carpet.


Our team is equipped with top-notch carpet cleaning tools and the know-how to get your pet-stained carpets looking as close to perfect as humanly possible. Unfortunately, there are instances where, despite our best efforts, every tool in the box and every trick in our back pocket, we won't be able to reach perfection. In some instances, excessive pet urine will prevent a simple carpet cleaning from being effective. For example, suppose the urine has penetrated the carpet into the carpet padding or sub-flooring. In that case, the odor may persist even following our best carpet cleaning efforts. In these extreme instances, the carpet, carpet padding and sub-flooring might need to be replaced rather than simply cleaned or deodorized. But don't worry; these situations are very rare and usually only occur after a significant amount of neglect in cleaning routines or repeated cases of urination in a small area.


Unfortunately, when it comes to pet stain removal, like any other stain, there is only so much we can do. Even if the stain has not permeated deep into the carpet, there is always a chance that it cannot be 100% removed. Rest assured that our team will always try their best and can almost always satisfactorily remove the stain and treat the urine problem or smell. That said, stains will almost certainly be less prominent when we leave than when we get there. In our many years of service, only the pickiest of landlords and most scrutinizing grandmothers have found fault with our pet stain removal service.


So, whether you've finally house-broken your new puppy and are ready to be rid of the telltale signs, are tired of dealing with that cat pee smell, or your mother has commented on that permanent wet-dog smell emanating throughout the house; Apogee Carpet Cleaning is prepared to meet your pet-related stains and odors head-on! Give our team a call to arrange a quote and have your carpet or rug restored to as near pristine a condition as possible!