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Residential carpet cleanersAs one of the top-ranked carpet cleaning companies in the state, it should be no surprise that the team at Apogee Carpet Cleaning of Fredericksburg provides a top-notch residential carpet cleaning service. It is so well known that it is one of our most popular services. So, whether you found us by looking up residential carpet cleaning near me or have gotten our coordination via word of mouth, we cannot wait to work with you!


For the team at Apogee Carpet Cleaning, we are proud to provide two different carpet cleaning options for our clients. Both use our environmentally friendly mineral-based cleaner that leaves no residue or non-natural smells we see from traditional detergents or other fragrances.

Our cleaning methods

Very Low Moisture (VLM)

Very low moisture carpet cleaning is a newer method that is eco-friendly, efficient and most of all, quick. Very low moisture cleaning comes from the lack of water used in its approach. Instead of soaking the carpet, this method uses a quick scrub to lift dirt, dust and debris from your carpet, and our powerful vacuum can quickly suck it up. One of the significant benefits of this method is that it does not damage the carpet's fibres with high pressured water and solvents. Instead, the gentle cleaning will allow you to clean your carpet and elongate the carpet's life span. In addition, as it uses less water, very low moisture cleaning can mean your carpet will dry in mere hours instead of days. So, whether you are cleaning a carpet, runner or rug, with very low moisture cleaning, you will be able to enjoy a clean carpet in two hours or less. It is a win-win; our residential clients love it when we use very low moisture cleaning!

Very Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning
Residential Carpet Cleaners

Hot Water Extraction (HWE) - Steam Cleaning

Our second cleaning method is called hot water extraction, otherwise known as steam cleaning. Hot water extraction, as its name suggests, combines hot water and our mineral-based cleaning agent that is injected into the carpet at high speed. This fast injection lifts dirt, debris and dust from the carpet's fibers and suspends it in water. Once this process is done, our team follows with a powerful vacuum that removes most of the water and the suspended contaminants. This is a more traditional method of cleaning carpets. However, Apogee Carpet Cleaning of Fredericksburg uses this method when dealing with high-volume areas or heavily soiled rugs or carpets. The only downside of hot water extraction is some wear and tear on your carpet due to the high-pressure nature of the treatment. Luckily for our clients, we minimize damage as our mineral-based cleaners are easier on your carpet than traditional detergents and cleaners.

Our Residential Carpet Cleaners

We know that today's consumer wants to know what we are using for our cleaners. For years, carpet cleaners have used a combination of detergents and chemicals that, although great for removing dirt and grime, are toxic to humans and pets. Many cleaning companies still use these chemicals, but at Apogee, we are different. We utilize a mineral-based cleaning product that is safe for pets and humans and dissipates over time. This product does not leave detergent marks, does not have an artificial smell, but simultaneously delivers the same deep-cleaning characteristics that you expect from a carpet cleaning product. The best part is that our mineral-based cleaning product can be used in our very low moisture and hot water extraction methods, which means both are environmentally friendly and safe for your home.

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Our Guarantee

Our team are certified experts in providing hot water extraction and very low moisture cleaning, and we hope to offer an excellent service. However, things may not be your liking; we want to make it right. We are proud to provide a 100 per cent guarantee that you will love your residential carpet cleaning service. If you are unhappy with our work, Apogee will return to your property to make it truly right. If you are still not happy, we will provide you with a no questions asked refund for the service.

A carpet cleaning service you can be proud to call your own

Carpet Cleaning Services in Fredericksburg, VAApogee is a proud Fredericksburg, VA company, and our team is from this great city; as a veteran-owned company, we go above and beyond for our clients; whether you need a carpet, rug or runner cleaned, Apogee has you covered.

Call us today and see why so many people in and around Fredericksburg, VA, have trusted Apogee for all their residential carpet cleaning needs. From rugs to runners and anything in between, our expert carpet cleaners have you covered!

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