Scotchgard Carpet Treatment

Scotchgard? Scotchgard! Maybe you've heard of the term in use; "You should Scotchgard your new rug when it arrives." Besides being yet another piece of unsolicited advice from your mother, it is a beautiful idea too. When you have recently invested in a new sofa, rug or carpeting in your home, the last thing you might want to consider is spending even more money. But please, bear with us as we outline why this add-on is more than just an extra expense or a way to alleviate your advice-giving mother.


Scotchgard is specifically designed to protect your carpets and upholstery by repelling stains and dirt to prolong the life of your new or not-so-new sofa, rug, or carpets. It is a proven method to help your home in the long run and has been tried and tested through the years both here in Fredericksburg, VA and across the United States. The extra expense at this moment will undoubtedly help to save you money in the long run.


Suppose you've been following along so far and had a chance to review other sections of Apogee Carpet Cleaning's website. In that case, you will already know that the only service we will ever offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee is stain removal services. Whether due to pets, coffee or red wine, carpet stains are a tricky, tricky beast to tackle. However, when you have your carpets and upholstery treated with Scotchgard, our job becomes easier, and you're much more likely to be satisfied with our pet stain removal services or maybe not need them at all to start with!


Scotchgard is specifically formulated to help carpets resist dirt and block stains. This simple treatment can potentially prolong the life of your carpets, reduce the frequency of deep cleanings, and generally make the clean-up process easier. While not specifically proven, your treated carpets may also result in fewer instances of criticism or unsolicited advice from your mother!


Let's look further at some of the many, many benefits of treating your carpet or upholstery with Scotchgard carpet protector:


  • Blocks Stains


A stain's very nature and definition involve a dirty mark that cannot be easily removed. But if you block the dirt from making a mark in the first place, then you also avoid a nasty stain. Scotchgard works by forming an utterly invisible barrier between your carpet and those pesky stains. This does not mean you can ignore the spilt cup of coffee, but it does mean that you have time to grab some paper towels before disaster strikes and the stain sets in.


  • Makes Cleanup Easier


By blocking out or temporarily repelling stains, Scotchgard makes cleanup much easier. When stains and dirt can't penetrate your carpet's fibres, they are easier to clean. Whether this means only a little dabbing with a damp cloth or spotless removal of dirt during a deep clean, the process will be more straightforward after Scotchgard treatment.


  • Extends the "Just Cleaned" look


By blocking stains and making cleanup easier, your carpets will hold onto that freshly cleaned look for longer than ever before. Whether you realize it or not, some dirt or stain always tries to infiltrate your carpet and ruin your cleaning efforts. With Scotchgard, it is like having some backup to protect your clean look. Blocked stains plus easier clean-up means a clean-looking carpet.


  • Cost-Effective


Whether you have just splurged on new carpets or finally broke down to get a professional cleaning, probably the last thing on your mind is going to be the desire to spend more money, but with Scotchgard, you can think of it more as saving money in the long run. Regular Scotchgard applications will reduce the need for deep cleaning services and prolong the life of your carpets, rugs, and upholstery.


  • Easy Application


When you choose Apogee Carpet Cleaning's Scotchgard service, the application process has never been easier. Whether you're getting it applied to a brand-new carpet or adding Scotchgard protection after a deep cleaning, our team will take care of the entire process. Downtime will be minimal, and we'll return you to your carpets in no time. Plus, with our professional Scotchgard application, you can rest assured that it is perfectly safe for you, your family, and your pets.


Scotchgard application needs, and timelines will vary based on the traffic in your home and types of carpeting, so give our team at Apogee Carpet Cleaning a call today to see how you would best benefit from our Scotchgard application service.