Frequently Asked Questions

As a proven carpet cleaning leader, it should be no surprise that we get our fair share of questions from our residential and commercial clients. So, we thought it might be easiest to write them down and help our clients with some of our favorite frequently asked questions.

What is very low moisture cleaning?

Very low moisture cleaning is one of the newest cleaning methods in the industry. However, over the last several years, we have seen its popularity blow up. Very low moisture cleaning uses a tiny bit of water and our mineral-based cleaning compound to promote a deep clean without the harmful by-products of other cleaning methods. With Apogee, we use high-tech machines to complete the product, dispersing the cleaning agent throughout the rug. With very low moisture cleaning, your carpets will clean and dry within a few hours.

What is hot water extraction?

Hot water extraction, or steam cleaning, is a more traditional carpet cleaning method at Apogee. The technique is a mixture of hot water and our mineral-based cleaner injected at a high rate into the carpet. The cleaning method quickly lifts dust, dirt, and debris, removing the particles once vacuumed. Although it is a very efficient method, we generally only suggest that clients with old or high-traffic rugs, carpets, or runners use it. This is simple; hot water extraction is tough on carpet fibres, so we want to help elongate your carpet's life!

Do you use chemicals for your cleaning agent?

Yes, we use chemicals for our cleaning, but we use a highly specialized mineral-based cleaner that is eco-friendly and proven to work just as well as the highly toxic cleaners that other companies use. We use this cleaner for all our methods and are happy to say it is pet-friendly!

Do you provide residential services?

Yes, the team at Apogee is happy to provide a wide range of residential services for our clients in and around Fredericksburg, VA. Whether you are looking for carpet cleaning, floor cleaning or any other service we offer, the team at Apogee is happy to be here for you.

Do you provide commercial services?

Yes, we love working with commercial clients in and around Fredericksburg, VA. For our commercial clients, we are happy to provide a flexible carpet cleaning and floor cleaning service that will work around your business hours. So, whether you are looking for overnight cleaning or during the day, our team can find a solution that will work for you.

How long do my carpets need to dry before I can use them?

This will depend on a couple of things, but one of the primary considerations will be your chosen method. Our very low moisture method is the fastest cleaning method and will have you up and running on your carpets in as little as 45 minutes. However, on average, we note that it will take up to two hours to dry thoroughly. While in comparison, our hot water extraction method is a little more severe and requires at least a few hours for your carpets to be thoroughly dried.

Are you able to remove wine or chocolate stains?

Yes, the team at Apogee offers pet stain removal services that can do wonders on even the most stubborn stains on your carpet, rug, or runner. However, some stains are even too powerful for our excellent mineral-based cleaner. So, although we cannot guarantee a complete removal, we can certainly do our best

Is your carpet cleaning service pet-friendly?

Yes! We love our four-legged friends and know that our mineral-based cleaner is the best way to clean a carpet, rug, or runner. Our cleaner is tried and tested on homes and businesses throughout Fredericksburg, VA, and we sought it out for its natural properties. No artificial scents or toxic chemicals exist for people or our four-legged friends.

Do you offer other floor cleaning services besides carpets?

Yes! We are proud to offer a wide variety of floor cleaning services, including hardwood, tire and grout, laminate and more. We know that when you are looking to get a carpet cleaned, you probably want the rest of your floors done. So, Apogee has learned the best ways and methods to ensure that your floors look sharp!

Where are you based?

Apogee Carpet Cleaning is a proud Fredericksburg, VA company. Our veteran founder has been living in the Fredericksburg area for over 23 years. Our office is located in the Bowman center off route 2 near the Fredericksburg Fairgrounds just south of downtown. We are pleased to serve this fantastic city and the surrounding area.