Our operations home base has always been Fredericksburg, VA, for the Apogee Carpet Cleaning team. We love this community and feel the love back from our great clients in and around the city. We will always call Fredericksburg home, and our company headquarters are here. Not only that, but our connections to the community mean everything to us, which is why most of our employees live, volunteer and are actively involved in this community.


However, as time has ticked on, we have realized that our carpet cleaning services could expand. Although we were hesitant to grow too quickly, our team knew that we could expand slowly without sacrificing the service standards that our great clients in Fredericksburg, VA, have come to expect.


Our owner knew that at the time of expansion, we would need to restructure how our team was doing to make things sleek, streamlined and agile. So they took their military training, put it to good use, and went logistical on this problem. Today, Apogee is one of the best set-up carpet cleaning companies in the state and can answer emergency calls for spills across our ever-expanding service area.


Our new service area now includes the following communities:

Stafford County, which includes the cities of:

Stafford, VA

Falmouth, VA

Garrisonville, VA

Aquia Harbour, VA

Hartwood, VA

White Oak, VA

Ferry Farm, VA

Dahlgren Junction, VA


Spotsylvania County, which includes the following communities:

Cosner's Corner, VA

New Post, VA

Leavells, VA

Chancellor, VA

Lee's Hills, VA

Five Mile Fork, VA


King George County also includes the following cities:


King George, VA

Dahlgren, VA

Sealston, VA

Fairview Beach, VA

Dogue, VA

Last but not least, we also are proud to cover Carolina County and the following cities:


Port Royal, VA

Bowling Green, VA

Ladysmith, VA

Woodford, VA

Doggertts Fork, VA

Liberty Fork, VA


So whether you are looking for carpet cleaning services, floor cleaning services, or things in between, the team at Apogee Carpet Cleaning has you covered. We are proud of the service area we call our own, and we could see yet another expansion over the next few years. Apogee's commitment to green cleaning has quickly made our team a popular choice, and we anticipate continued growth over the next several years.


Wherever we go as a company, we are proud to serve Stafford County, Spotsylvania County, King George County and Carolina County for all their carpet cleaning needs. Our home base continues to be in Fredericksburg, and whether we stop here or expand across the state, Fredericksburg will continue to be home.

So, if you are looking for carpet cleaning services, now is the time to call the experts at Apogee Carpet Cleaning. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial services, our team of experts has you covered for all of your rugs, mats, runners and carpets. No matter the situation, the Apogee team is here for you. So, call us today and experience the best carpet cleaning service in the state at Apogee Carpet Cleaning.