Carpet Cleaning in Spotsylvania County, Virginia

As one of the top-ranked carpet cleaning services in Spotsylvania County, VA, the team at Apogee Carpet Cleaning could not be happier to provide this fantastic service to our community. When we first started providing these essential services, we knew that whether you were in New Post or Cosner's Corner, you needed a quality carpet cleaning service. Today we are proud to be the first choice in carpet cleaning throughout the region!

Our Story

When we opened our shop, our owner knew he wanted to do things differently than the traditional carpet cleaning company. He was a vet, and as a vet, he knew the importance of sound equipment. So, Apogee invested in top-of-the-line equipment and technology to bring carpet cleaning in Spotsylvania County, VA, to the 21st century. This investment was worth it, and today we are one of the largest and most trusted carpet cleaning companies serving this great community.

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The Apogee Difference

There are a lot of carpet cleaning companies out there, but what makes Apogee different are three things. First and foremost, we are big fans of cleaning. Unlike other companies, our experts love their job and have worked in the carpet cleaning business for years. We can spot the issues and take the time to truly get to the bottom of cleaning your carpet. Secondly, we have the tools and equipment to handle literally any carpet. From shag from the 80s to a runner you found on Wayfare, our team can take, clean and bring your carpet back to life with expertise. Finally, and most importantly, our cleaning solution is a massive difference-maker. We use a mineral-based cleaner that does not have the toxic chemicals in many other commercial carpet cleaners. This natural cleaner is better for the environment, your home and, most importantly, the people in your space.

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Residential Carpet Cleaning

As one of the top carpet cleaning options in the region, it should be no surprise that our team is proud to provide a variety of residential carpet cleaning services to our great clients. With residential carpet cleanings, we can use our very low moisture or steam cleaning method to eliminate any dust, dirt or debris on your carpet. However, unless your carpets are indeed a mess, we would generally suggest that you choose the very low moisture option as the drying time is quicker, and you will get to enjoy your freshly cleaned room in no time.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

For our commercial clients, the team at Apogee also provides two different options for carpet cleaning. Our hot water extraction is our most popular as it truly gets to the bottom of those stubborn entry carpets that see daily use. However, very low moisture carpet cleaning may be an option for board rooms or less-traffic areas. So, whether you are looking for a quick clean or carpet steam cleaning services in Spotsylvania County, VA, the team at Apogee has you covered for all of your commercial carpet cleaning needs.

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Stain Removal Services

We are proud also to provide a range of pet stain removal services, including pet and odor removal services. Although we cannot guarantee that we can remove a stain, as sometimes it is too far gone, we will certainly try and will let you know if it is impossible. In the past, our team could lift wine, chocolate and even chili stains.

We are proud to provide a variety of floor cleaning services that go beyond carpets. These include:

Professional Hardwood floor cleaning

Laminate floor cleaning

Tile and grout cleaning

And more!

Our Service Area

As a company that is proud to serve Spotsylvania County, VA, we are pleased to provide our floor and carpet cleaning services in the following cities:


Cosner's Corner

New Post



Lee's Hills

Five Mile Fork

So, whether you are looking for carpet cleaning for your home or business, the team at Apogee Carpet Cleaning has you covered. We think we are the best carpet cleaning company in Spotsylvania County, VA, and we would like to prove it to you first-hand. We are so confident that you will love the job that we do that we offer a 100 per cent refund if you still don't like the job we do after a second visit. So, the team at Apogee Carpet Cleaning is here for you, whether you are looking to lift a stain, clean a runner, deep clean a rug, or need your carpet cleaned. Give us a call and see how Apogee can make a difference the next time you need a carpet cleaning.