Carpet Cleaning in Stafford County, Virginia

Whether you are looking for commercial carpet cleaning, floor cleaning or even stain removal services in and around Stafford County, VA, the team at Apogee Carpet Cleaning has you covered for all your cleaning needs. Our team has worked hard to establish our brand and services in this great community. Now, we are known as one of the best carpet cleaning companies in Stafford County, VA, and we are proud to serve this fantastic community.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

stain removal spotsylvaniaAs one of the leading carpet cleaning companies in the region, we are proud to offer our residential clients a carpet cleaning service that will deliver. With our technology and tools, we can handle anything from a shag carpet to a runner from Costco, and we can bring new life even to the most worn carpets. We utilize two different methods, but our very low moisture cleaning method is most popular for our residential clients. As the name suggests, our very low moisture cleaning method uses less water, so its drying time can be as little as an hour! We also offer hot water extraction, but generally, our clients prefer the softer and gentler method to keep their rugs and runners fresh.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

commercial carpet cleaning fredericksburgOn the other side of our carpet cleaning business is our commercial clients. We know and love these jobs as you are looking for an annual or semi-annual clean to keep your employees happy, your workplace fresh, and your carpets clean. One of the benefits of working with Apogee is that we can work around your schedule. As most of our clients are looking for hot water extraction or carpet steam cleaning services in Stafford County, VA, our team can come in early, during the day or even at night to work around your schedule. Generally, we suggest that your carpet has at least 8 hours to dry if you are doing hot water extraction. While if you are looking for a lighter clean, your carpet can be dry in 1-2 hours with very low moisture cleaning. The beauty of it is it is up to you! At Apogee, we offer both methods, and both processes use our class-leading mineral-based cleaner to help eliminate allergens in the air during and after the cleaning.

Our Cleaning Solution

Our cleaning solution is one of the significant differences between our team and the other carpet cleaning companies in the region. We have spent the time and effort to develop and find a cleaning solution that is genuinely ecologically safe while still having the same cleaning properties as the harsher commercial cleaners. Our cleaning solution is mineral-based, meaning we do not have any harsh chemicals or toxins that are normal in commercial carpet cleaning. Instead, with Apogee, you get to see the difference that this natural cleaning solution can make, and most importantly, it is safe for you, your family and your pets!

Our Floor Cleaning Services

We are so proud to provide more than carpet cleaning at Apogee Carpet Cleaning. We offer a wide variety of floor cleaning services, including:

Laminate floor cleaning

Hardwood floor cleaning

Tile and grout cleaning and more!

Our Stain Removal Services

As a carpet cleaning company, we also know and love removing stains. Now, although our team is excellent, sometimes a stain will not come out of a carpet, no matter what we try. Either way, our stain removal services are some of the best in the state, and whether we are removing a stain or dealing with a pet stain and odor, our team can help!

Service Area

For our carpet cleaning service, we are proud to serve a wide service area in and around Stafford County, VA, including the following cities:




Aquia Harbour


White Oak

Ferry Farm

Dahlgren Junction

So, no matter if you are looking for carpet cleaning in Stafford County, VA or something else, the team at Apogee Carpet Cleaning can help. We are proud to serve the great community in Stafford County, and whether you are looking for help with a filthy carpet or want to spruce up your home during Fall, the team at Apogee can help. We are the local experts working in this community for years. Whether you are a commercial building looking to get an annual clean done or a homeowner tired of renting lackluster gear from Home Depot, the team at Apogee has you covered! Give us a call today and experience the difference that quality carpet cleaning the next time your rug needs a little tender loving care.