Odor Removal

You need to call Apogee Carpet Cleaning of Fredericksburg, and we shall remove any form of odor in your carpets

Odor Removal Services in Fredericksburg

You will have more attention to your house when you have an upcoming event like a birthday party for your child or a business group meeting. Perhaps you would want to re-arrange the chairs and clean the walls and the carpet. These are examples of moments when you closely get to notice that some parts of your carpet may be producing a bad smell. At this point, you need an odor removal service company. You need to call Apogee Carpet Cleaning of Fredericksburg, and we shall remove the odor immediately. Do not start spraying the house or lighting perfumed candles. It is not only expensive but has short-lived results.

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Why You Should Remove Odor

Smelly surfaces can be dangerous and unpleasant. They can drive customers out of your business and make your home uncomfortable to live in. When health inspectors establish that your carpet is smelly, they may impose a penalty on you or order the closure of your business. Odor is a breeding place for bacteria and can encourage infections in your children and pets. Unless where your house is flooded, worry no more; Apogee Carpet Cleaning of Fredericksburg is awaiting your call. Odors can be very disturbing to your children and pets. If left to stay long, they create a conducive environment for carpet-damaging bacteria. carpet-

Quality Odor Removal Services.

There are many types of carpets, but at Apogee Cleaning of Fredericksburg, we know how to clean them. We use topical disinfectants, carpet sanitizers, enzyme injections, and sprays that feed on any bacteria on your carpet. Our odor removal process involves thoroughly cleaning the back of the carpet to remove all bacteria. For their effective removal, we use the right equipment and the Very Low Moisture removal technique to ensure that the cleaned part dries up quickly and minimizes damage to your carpet. We also disinfect baseboards and subflooring besides replacing tack strips and doing padding. Some of the common odors which we clean are:

  1. Per urine
  2. Smoke(cigarette) odor
  3. Rug odors
  4. Mold and mildew
  5. Bacteria growth from infected carpets
  6. Moisture which is caused by high humidity levels
  7. Milk Spills odor
  8. Chemical spills odor
  9. Untreated water damages odor.
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Why Choose Our Odor Removal Services?

Apogee Carpet Cleaning of Fredericksburg has been in the carpet cleaning business for so long. We have accumulated the expert knowledge required to remove all odors effectively and efficiently. Before we engage in any odor removal process, our technicians will advise on the best removal process you should choose. Customer satisfaction has been our driving force. When we leave your house, we ensure that you have a smile. We use chemicals that the FDA has approved. Every expert in our team is not only trained but also adequately vetted. Our inspections and accreditation by the IICRC show how professionals are qualified in odor removal services.

We remove odor in both residential and commercial places. If the odor is spread in many parts of your, we will advise that you use our reliable cleaning team and achieve maximum cleanliness in your place.