Professional Floor & Marble Cleaning Services

As a carpet cleaning expert, the team at Apogee Carpet Cleaning is uniquely positioned to provide professional floor & marble cleaning services throughout the Fredericksburg, VA region. From the city to the outskirts, our team is here for you! It is why we have been working so hard to provide various floor cleaning services to our clients. We are more than just carpet; instead, we want to become the go-to when you Google professional floor cleaners near me.

What Separates Apogee?

Apogee was founded as a carpet cleaning company that wanted to do more. Our veteran owner saw an opportunity in Fredericksburg, VA, to provide a technologically driven cleaning company that brought the latest and greatest in terms of cleaning technology. Over the years, we have developed a great business line that provides our clients with the type of floor cleaning they expect from the best in the city. Plus, we provide a 100% guarantee, so if you are unhappy with your floor cleaning, even after our second visit, we will provide you with a full refund, no questions asked.

Our Methods

At Apogee, we have taken the time and effort to find floor cleaning solutions that work for our clients and provide a deep clean every time we provide a cleaning service. Unlike the other guys, we use a mineral-based solution for all our floor types. The advantage of our mineral-based solution is that it lacks the artificial fragrances and harsh chemicals we see in mainstream cleaners used by other cleaning companies. We want to put you and our environment first, which is why we are so proud to provide this mineral-based solution. In fact, it is so safe that your dogs, kids, and even your husband can eat off the floor once Apogee is finished!

Laminate floor cleaning

Laminate is one of those flooring types which it looks excellent when you mop, but only after a few minutes will you start to see streaks, dirt, and other issues. It is not the easiest thing to clean, and you need to call Apogee when it comes to genuinely clean your laminate. With our services, we can truly get to the base layer of your laminate and easily lift stains, dirt, and other contaminants. Once we are done with your floor, you will see a shiny and beautiful laminate, just like the day you installed it.

Vinyl Floor Cleaning

Vinyl floors are excellent for busy areas, but they are hard to clean, especially when dealing with ancient spills. The good news for you is that our team can provide vinyl floor cleaning with the best of them. We use a unique tool and our mineral-based cleaner to lift stains, even the most stubborn ones and genuinely clean your floor for the first time in years.

Why Use Professional Floor Cleaners?

Although many of us clean our floors, the skill and expertise that a professional can provide is a true difference-maker. So, why use a professional floor cleaner? Let's see below!


  1. A true deep clean

One of the top reasons to use a professional floor cleaner is that we can provide you with a truly deep clean. With our purpose-built tools and mineral-based cleaners, we can get to the root of the dirt or stain and remove it for good. Our cleaners are fantastic and will leave your floor with a fresh scent and, most of all, a clean floor!


  1. For the good of your floors

Floors need a good cleaning every so often, and they need a deep clean a couple of times per year. Whether it is vinyl, laminate, or any other flooring type, a deep clean will ensure your floor can live on for years. Plus, with a professional deep clean, your good cleanings will be easier, no matter the flooring type.


  1. It is safe

As a certified professional floor cleaner, the team at Apogee is committed to providing a safe and environmentally friendly floor cleaning service. We use eco-friendly and family-safe cleaners, and our professional equipment will ensure that we remove dirt, debris, and any other substances with ease.


  1. It is suitable for your health

Finally, and most importantly, deep cleaning floors is excellent for your health. Think of it this way; we are removing dirt, debris, allergens, and bacteria from your home for good. This is nothing short of incredible, and no matter if you clean your floors regularly or need a good cleaning, a professional floor cleaning is excellent for you and your family's health at home.


Whether you are looking for a deep clean of your vinyl flooring, laminate flooring or any other flooring type, the team at Apogee Carpet Cleaning has you covered. Give us a call today and see how Apogee can help with all your professional floor & marble cleaning needs for your home or office!