Tips For Keeping Commercial Carpets Clean

Carpet steam cleaning serviceThere is no way around it; commercial carpets are gross. Whether they are in a lobby, on the stairs or covering an entire corporate floor under desks, they often take a beating and are constantly being traipsed over. Here are a few top tips on keeping your commercial carpets clean, both on your own and with the help of a professional carpet cleaner.


Starting with the most obvious but also overlooked, vacuuming. There is nothing fancy or glamorous about this, but passing a vacuum daily, or as often as possible, will be a huge benefit. Daily vacuuming of commercial carpets is a cost-effective and easy way to stay on top of cleaning; it will remove any surface debris like rocks, mud, or winter salt from becoming embedded into the fibers of the carpet. This, in turn, will help reduce damage, prolong the time between deep cleanings and keep your carpets just a bit cleaner overall.


Choosing the right products for your carpet is essential; if you make the wrong choice, you could make a stain worse or cause irreparable damage to the fibers of your carpet. When trying to tackle a stain yourself, it is essential to read the labels carefully and have a solid understanding of your carpet and its composition. If you are ever in doubt, consult a professional since a complete carpet replacement will not come cheap.


In addition to choosing the right products, it is crucial to know how to use them. Some products might require time to soak while others need quick action, get all the details on what you need and what you are doing before you start. The technique will also apply to treating stains; as a general rule, it is better to blot or dap at new spills or potential stains. Rubbing stains will push the stain further and further into the carpet, making it harder to clean in the long run.


Besides being a bit gross, commercial carpets can also be finicky. The heavy-duty construction and high-traffic use of commercial carpets mean they are designed to take a beating, but only if well maintained. Properly maintaining and cleaning commercial carpets over the long run requires special equipment, knowledge, and supplies. By choosing a carpet cleaning company, you’ll be guaranteed top-quality service and experience to keep your carpets looking as good as new. Professional commercial carpet cleaners can tackle tough stains, mold, or other allergens that might be hiding in your commercial carpets. They have the resources and knowledge necessary to get your carpets deeply cleaned while maintaining their integrity.

A dirty, stained, or dingy carpet will immediately impact the overall look of your space. While daily upkeep and superficial cleaning can be done on your own, it is best to go with a professional company for the deep cleaning of commercial carpets to ensure that they are truly clean. This will prolong the carpet’s life and help save you money in the long run, which is always important to our commercial clients.

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