What’s The Benefit Of Professional Carpet Cleaning vs DIY?

carpet cleaner Spotsylvania Nov 22As a professional carpet cleaning company, we often get asked what the point of your services is if I can do it myself. Besides our expertise in dealing with all kinds of carpets, rugs, and runners, the biggest thing is the tools and equipment we use.

The machine

Anyone can rent a steam cleaner from Home Depot or buy one from Amazon, but the real crux of the question is the difference. A residential steam cleaner does not come close to heating the water as hot as professional machines. This means that you are dealing with less effective cleaning and thus are not getting as deep as a clean.

In addition, residential machines do not have the suction power we have on our truck-mounted machines. This deep suction allows professional machines to get deeper into the carpet and remove more dirt, allergens and debris from the carpet.

The time it takes

Also, when doing the job, yourself, you will most likely take a long time to do it. Carpet cleaning looks super simple from afar, but once you do it, it is a substantial effort to do well. Our experts know our machines and understand the right speed to clean your carpet effectively. Thus, we can save you hours which means you can get back to living your life

The skill

Carpet Cleaning Fredericksburg March 2023Finally, there is a skill to cleaning carpets, and not everyone has it. Unlike other cleaning methods, carpet cleaning is not so simple that you can look at a YouTube channel for a few minutes and get to work. Our team can use the right amount of shampoo for the carpet, knows how to run our machines and clean your carpet without damaging its fragile fibers. A lot of skill and expertise comes with this job, and when done incorrectly can lead to bad cleaning at best and, at worst, a damaged carpet.


Rental of a steam cleaner can be anywhere between $45-$75 per day while buying a steam cleaner on Amazon will set you back a few hundred bucks. But once you factor in the cleaning not being as deep, it might be worth spending a little more to get your carpets professionally cleaned every six months. This way, you save time and know that you will enjoy a better overall carpet cleaning experience, which means your carpet is spotless.

Another you can do if you are concerned about the costs associated with carpet cleaning is to ask for a high-traffic area clean. These cleans are a little faster and thus cheaper but are limited to high-traffic areas. The carpet cleaners will not move furniture but will quickly treat those tired and dirtier areas.

The low down

So, if you are considering the DIY approach, we strongly suggest using a professional company instead. Yes, you can do it DIY, but if the goal is a clean carpet, the best way to accomplish that is through a professional carpet cleaning service that can deliver a deep clean of your rugs, runners and carpets.

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