When Should A Carpet Be Cleaned vs Replaced?

As a carpet steam cleaning service, we often get asked when a carpet should be cleaned versus when you should toss in the towel and replace it. Although it is best to chat with our experts, we can tell you the six signs that it is time to replace your carpet.

  1. Old stains

If you have cleaned your carpet professionally and the stains and wear are just ever-lasting, it might be time to replace it. Professional carpet cleaners can use advanced techniques and equipment to lift stains; if they are not getting out, they are in there for good.


  1. Water damage

If your carpet or home has seen significant water damage, it is time to replace it. Significant water damage can be described as a carpet which has been wet for longer than 72 hours. The reason for this is simple, mold can grow quickly on the carpet, especially when you are drying out the rooms. So, to be safe, we often inform our clients that the move is usually to replace the carpet.


  1. A smelly carpet

Look, if you have cleaned your carpet and got it professionally cleaned, and it is still that musky, wet, disgusting smell, it might be time to replace it. Cleaning a carpet can only do so much, and if the odor has penetrated the carpet fibers, carpet pad or subfloor, it might be time to consider a replacement. However, if you have not cleaned the carpet professionally, try that first. Professional carpet cleaners have much more powerful cleaners, and detergents than the public can access from Home Depot or other rental locations.

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  1. Wear and tear

After a few decades of use, a carpet can get worn down. Matter carpets, tears or any significant worn down fibers in common areas are signs that your carpet does not only need a facelift but a full replacement. If you have smaller areas that are issues, a spot clean or repair might be an option, but if you are dealing with something a little more significant, it is time for a replacement to be considered.


  1. Age of the carpet

Carpet is not something that is going to last for generations, especially today’s mass-produced options that we often see in North America. Generally, the carpet will be good for between 10 and 15 years if adequately cared for, including regular professional cleanings. If your carpet is starting to get up there in age, it might be time to consider a replacement.


  1. Increased allergy issues

If you have started noticing more allergy symptoms such as a stuffed nose, runny nose, or irritated eyes, it might be time to look down for the culprit. If you have already cleaned your carpet professionally and have not seen a change in feelings, it might be time to replace your carpet for good. The reason for this is allergens can be deep in the carpet, and if they have been there for some time, even the deepest of carpet cleanings will not be able to get them out.

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