Will Proper Carpet Care Save Money?

stain removal spotsylvaniaWe might be a little biased in this answer, but after more than a decade in the carpet cleaning business, we can genuinely say that proper carpet care will save you money in the long term. Professional carpet cleaning will save you money, but it is great for your health and can even help keep your warranty intact.

Increased carpet longevity

Although we like to think that carpets will last generations, a carpet generally will last between ten to fifteen years if properly maintained. That means that if the carpet is treated, spot cleaned, and deep cleaned by a professional company regularly. So, proper carpet care can elongate your carpet’s health, which means you do not have to routinely pay for carpet replacements, saving you money in the long term.

A deep cleaning twice a year

For most people, carpet cleaning is not a routine expense, and due to its benefits, it can be a great use to elongate your carpets life and, more importantly, keep your home healthy. We suggest to most of our clients that they can do their normal cleaning, including vacuuming, and then call us every six months or so. Deep could be more common if you have shedding animals or other complicating factors. Still, professional carpet cleaning can do wonders for your wallet and remove the need for rentals, or the expenses related to buying a twice-a-year piece of kit.

Put your health first and eliminate allergens

Look, healthcare is not a joke in this country, but did you know that proper carpet care can lead to a healthier environment? Well, it is accurate, and cleaning by a professional carpet cleaning company can help lower your medical bills and time off due to sickness. This is because professional carpet cleaning can eliminate allergens and sanitize the carpet to create a better living environment. Our cleaning services can help increase indoor air quality and eradicate those pesky allergies you could be dealing with in your home.

Keeps your warranty in-tact

Did you know that some carpet and flooring stores require you get your carpets professionally cleaned to maintain warranties on the carpet and labor? It is accurate and depending on the retailer’s warranty; you may need to invest in professional carpet cleaning to ensure that you are covered in case of any issues. To ensure you are covered, choose a reputable local company that can provide you with a formal receipt for the on-site work.

The low down

When it comes to proper carpet care, the real difference maker is the company you choose to work with for your professional carpet cleaning. We have been providing carpet cleaning services for years and can offer you and your home the carpet care you deserve. Plus, we can help save you money, create a safer home, and keep your warranty up to date. It really is a win-win-win when you choose to clean your carpets via a professional. So, call us today and see how professional carpet care can save you money now and in the long term!

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